Integrate-IT offers the following Network Audits:

Want to accelerate your payback time and reduce your TCO on your network? We bring a fresh approach, using innovating technology to perform our assessments with the utmost care. No time consuming or invasive process, no resource mobilization, but a straight to the point analysis providing concrete cost and energy saving advice. Want to experience…. Please contact us….

Quick Scan audits

  • Network topology assessment
  • Life cycle status, Energy efficiency
  • Recommendations based on network analysis and best practices
  • Network Energy Consumption reduction programs to accelerate ROI

Performance audits

  • Response time for specific applications
  • Efficiency of wired or wireless connections
  • Redundancy, Resiliency, high availability...

Network Audit for VoIP

  • Network Compliancy for VoIP, UC and multimedia implementation
  • Voice in the Cloud solutions
  • Network Robustness and Resilienc

Infrastructure Security

  • Network Security Policy Enforcement
  • Prevent unauthorized access
  • Perimeter Security

Vulnerabilities Assessment

  • Identify vulnerabilities and network bad configuration
  • Identify rogue device
  • Detect and prioritize vulnerability exposure
  • Provide remedies for known vulnerabilitie

“A la carte”

Contact us we also work on custom tailored projects.

Company News

  • Integrate-IT has a complete technology portfolio going from the classic network, high density Wi-Fi, Mobile device Management, network security to innovating storage and archiving solutions built on innovative technologies providing total approach solutions....

  • Have you ever reflected on how much “energy” your IT network management consumes every day? How will you responds to the network needs of your business in the near future? How to invest in new innovating technologies with a challenging financial and economic environment? Integrate-IT......

  • The number of Wi-Fi users is increasing within your organization, but is your Wi-Fi network ready for this challenge? Is your Wi-Fi network future proof? Is it cost effective, flexible, scalable, and easy to use and manage? Can your mobile network answer all present and......

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