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Enhanced WiFi & Reality

The number of Wi-Fi users is increasing within your organization, but is your Wi-Fi network ready for this challenge? Is your Wi-Fi network future proof? Is it cost effective, flexible, scalable, and easy to use and manage? Can your mobile network answer all present and future business needs and expectations? We have the answers to your challenges and will assist you in bringing your Wi-Fi network to the next level...

Virtualization & Orchestration Datanetworks

Numerous networks still run on physical machines, missing adequate prioritized server virtualization migration processes. Financial and economic challenges often provide companies migrating from physical to virtual machine environments. How to create and implement an adequate migration plan and make your mission critical virtualized applications—Oracle databases, Exchange servers, SQL servers, analytics, etc—all work effortlessly across hypervisors. How to best orchestrate your basic data network management tasks and create value for your company’s business? Your virtualization & orchestration vision starts with a closer look at our solutions...

Mobile Device Management & Security

The number of mobile users is increasing tremendously. The “Bring Your Own Device” policies open new ways of connecting and collaborating. Social media and networks create extra vulnerabilities and potential security challenges for corporate mobile networks. The security challenges of modern mobile operating systems are very different from those of the legacy PC era. Mobile operating systems have shifted to a new, sandboxed architecture resulting in higher stability, improved user productivity and easier updates.

Additionally, Enterprise data now lives in both corporate and consumer apps and cloud storage repositories. The goal with mobile device management & security is to secure that corporate data wherever it is. In the mobile world, the right security model means that employees can do more. Making this possible requires a new model for security: identity and trust determine employee access.

The flip side of security is privacy. Mobile devices are highly personal and almost every device will contain a mix of personal and corporate information. IT needs to be able to secure and manage the enterprise information on the device without seeing the personal information. This is critical in a world where privacy is becoming increasingly important to both the user and to all of regulatory communities around the world.

Is your mobile network future ready to cope with those challenges? How manage the private/corporate data mix of your employees? Are you looking for an enterprise mobility management platform enabling IT agility and end-user productivity without compromise? Want to know how our solutions can meet your needs...

Innovative Storage & Archiving

Uninterrupted IT means you’ll never fear another outage. Is your storage & backup environment flexible and scalable enough? Does it fit the TCO financial challenges and easy operational management criteria? Are your migrations and cross hypervisor replications simple to execute? Is your disaster recovery process in sync with your operational reality? Can you storage & Backup environment function in an “Any³-mode” (Any cloud, Any hypervisor, Any storage). Are you looking for application protection, migration and recovery that is easy to implement, manage and test? We’re redefining data management. See what our next generation solutions means for you...

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